Thursday, March 3, 2016


so, i'm going to talk about education. well, not really. education is realted to school, so
i'm going to talk about school.

i think our school and education system is stupid. why?

[this is my opinion. i do some  tiny beety research to point out my opinion. if you disagree, well, i don't really care?????????]
[nah i love you muah]


Prof Foster said that forcing teenagers to turn up to school in the morning could result in more errors, poor memory, reduced motivation and depression.
Prof Foster, Oxford University's Head of Circadian Neuroscience - the study of how the daily routine affects the brain - said the time at which children become fully awake gets progressively later as they get older. The pattern continues until the age of 20, when it begins to reverse, making adults more alert in the mornings.
His comments back up research published last year which recommended that schools and universities should not start until 11am because teenagers were in a "permanent state of jet-lag".
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"It is cruel to impose a cultural pattern on teenagers that makes them underachieve," .
this is not a quote from some lazy teenagers who hate school, or some parents who are over-worrid about their kids condition. No, this is a saying from Professor Foster, an Oxford University's Head of Circadian Neuroscience.

And i bet, Professor Foster are way smarter than any teachers that exist in Indonesia :)

And, no, i'm totally not hoping that i'll get to go to school at 11 am because i bet that's so not happening in our country, probably never :). I'd be so freakishly happy when we get to go to school at 8 am.

So, the first reason is, 6.30 is way too early to study. Kids, especially teenagers should be sleeping ("--because teenagers were in a "permanent" state of jetlag."-Professor Foster)


too many subjects and too many expectations

i mean, i know people around me are so focused to get good grades so they cang et into their dream universities easily. i do want to be that focus. hell, i wanttttttt to do it so bad. the problem is,

what am i supposed to focus on?

you see, i can't grasp concept that fast. and stuffs that i learn here are all about concepts. concepts 1 has a connection with concept 2, and concept 2 has a connection 3 and concept 99 and so on to concept 9834904809123490328109801948. And there's so many concept, and so many subjects, and fiajdfajsfdsadfad.

adults want us to decide which major we want within 3 years as we learn 14 different subjects every year, and we are expected to ace every single subjects. 
like, whoa. how are we supposed to decide one subject that we will work with for the rest of our, when you guys don't even give us a time to catch our own breath?

i'd rather be a person who's the best at one subject, rather than someone who can do anything but not extraordinary.


teenagers nowadays, so lazy!

as a students, i hate homework with all of my heart. But i have to admit it, homework has helped many times. so, i'm okay with homework.

But too much homework? nuh-uh/

Homework can cause depression? Yes, if a pupil is inundated with too much homework their life balance is thrown out of all proportion. All children and adults too, should adopt an 8-8-8 circadian rhythm to life where eight hours work, eight hours play and eight hours rest (sleep) plays an important factor to how we all roll.
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i have many more reasons, but it's almost midnight, and i'm tired.

what should we do to correct our wrecked education system. Uhm, how about we copy some, no, adopt Finland's education system, huh?

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It'll be a long journey until Indone's high school graduate even rich 93%. But, with hope and  hard work, nothing is impossible.


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