Monday, September 28, 2015

GAMARVANI ; Gemilang Cinta Negeri

(Gamarvani stands for Gama and Parvani,  both are latinese words. Gama means "trip", Parvani means "to the moon". So, Gamarvani means a trip to the moon. The name was inspired by the traditional story: Nyi Anteh)

Gamarvani was very fun. I had a very good time with my friends.

19 September 2015. It was Gamarvani’s D-Day.I came to Bali Street at  7 am to attend the parade. But apparently, there were only seven of us (among 20-ish who were not Gamarvani’s committee :((((( ). We were very worried sincee the creativity and the participation of every class were graded. But Farras, the head class of X-7 said not to worry.

We walked around Bandung for an hour (well, not literally around Bandung). We shouted, yelled, and cheered loudly. We also wore traditional clothes: the girls wore kebaya  and the boys wore pangsi.

We came back to Lapangan Bali at 9 am. But I have to go out to do few other things heheheJ

This photo below is a selfie we took before the parade.

(p.s : I had panicked the day before Gamarvani since I haven’t bought kebaya. Thankfully, I bought one at Kosambi for around Rp75000 heuheuheuhuehue)

Anyways, I came back at 1 pm. Sharon (a friend of mine) and I got into the venue together. We met with few of our friends and chatted.We met Yasmeen and Rosa (twinnies <3), Galih, Fadhilah (also a student of X7, and also a part of Gamarvani's committee), Naufal,  and Nia.

There were lots of attractions at the venue. There were many foodtrucks, traditional games, and stands. I really like the food heuehuehuehehueheuheu. 
The first performance i watched was
Band 3, then RMHR. I enjoyed KPA 3 (which stands for Keluarga Panduan Angklung 3) a lot. There were also ParaHyena and Ruang Musik Director. KV3 (kelompok vocal 3) sang very well. But I enjoyed Sasadana’s music  a lot. The music was just so amazing, and the vocalist’s voice was so amazing.

I really enjoyed and loved the Tiloes' Theatre performance! It was so funny, and really creative. I mean, i have never seen a theatre before. But after seeing T'ST, i might want to join the club heuheuheu.

Let's get to the most exciting performance!
We waited so long for Adera's performance.
 (not to mention that a couple is being clingy and they're taking lots of space urgh)
But at last, he went out, and sang some of his songs, and covers. I personally like his cover of Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Sharon was basically having a baper moment, Graciella sang like there's no tomorrow. And I was busy being pissed off by a couple who're taking a lot of space. Ugh.
Here's a picture of us. Teehee.

(i wore my stormtrooper mask because i look ugly in selfies pft)
(there're Graciella, Stephan, Kevin, Fita, Sharon, and I, teehee)

Here are few pictures that i took.

!!!!! Sasadana's performance!!!!!

I didn't get to take a picture of Hivi's performance since my phone went dead:(( But let me tell you something. THE STAGE WAS SO AMAZING. The background (some kind of LED screen, AND THEY MOVED SDFIAJSKFA), and HiVi entered the stage and the crowd went crazy!

So, that's all about my experience at Gamarvani. Thanks for reading!



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