Sunday, January 17, 2016

(EXTRA)ORDINARY HOLIDAY ???!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!?!?

[y'all: ???????what's that?????]

well hello there everyone!!! i've posted about my extra(ordinary) holiday before but i decided to edit it because there's a really huge error on the post. i'm really sorry that if you guys have to read that, especially to bu wiwin.

anyways, here goes my story.

i am incredibly lucky that i didn't any SP(short terms). I got RMP though on science math--but almost the half of 3'2018 got RMP so that's not a big problem, + i passed with the grades of 3(????magical). my gpa was fine, and my life was fine. i took an early start for the holiday since i didnt have to attend any short terms (28-30th of december for science math, idk about the other). So on 22 or 23rd of december, i went back to Tangerang.

if any of you have read my early posts, you'd known that i moved from Tangerang. So practically, i'm having this pulang kampung moments. But sadly, there's literally nothing to do.
 By literally, i mean, literally.
I'm totally ecstatic seeing my father everyday since he's like  a ball of fluffy sunshine(??) but he still worked on the holidays (somehow). I'm pissed off since my brother is acting like a $%^$^$%^$^ that he was. And my mom stayed on the TV room 24/7 (well, not 24/7 tho. but i like to exaggerate a lot so 24/7 it is )

i spent my mornings walking on this park because my dad decided to have this program--10000 steps a day. But, we usually gave up after 30ish minutes, and our steps didn't reach 10k. But it's awesome :))))
this is the soon-to-be labyrinth part of the park

After (not)celebrating the very (un)exciting new year, i decided to go back to Bandung early. My mother didnt agree at first, but after a lottttttttttt of arguments, she let me. So, around the 3rd of January 2016, my father and i went back to Bandung.

The reason that i went back to Bandung early is becauseeee the theatre's having an event i really want to join. So i came up, auditioned, and i got accepted (if that's the right word tho)!!!! I mean, it's not the role that i wanted, but it's an absurd role and i'm an absurd human-being so why not????

i played as penjual tahu buleut.
Don't ask. It's absurd:)

So, along with my other 10 friends, we practiced for around a week or less at school. I mean, school seems a lot interesting when you're not going there to study (AREN'T I RIGHTTTTT????)
so, i kind of spent the half of my holiday playing inside the school, laughing over our stupid acts, and over everything. 

here's a picture of a part of T'ST 18 after the play!!!
mind the bald men and ronald mcdonald :)
so, that's all for today's post. i hope you are pretty entertained with this post. see you soon!!!

 [AFTER A LONG JOURNEY AND FIGHTS, AT LAST I AM A PENTILLERS, the first picutre is called IUS, t'st 's logo!!!]


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