Sunday, October 25, 2015


(you are bound to go here anyway :P)

Hi, guys! I’m back with another task...
(Yes, the only reason why i’m running this blog is because i was forced to do so).
Anyways, it is obvious that i’m going to tell you about a place to visit in Indonesia.
This place is literally everywhere. And, you are bound to go here anyway.

The place i’m talking about is *paha rolls (credits to the theatre club)






So, this is one of the minimarkets that you’re going to find in Indonesia.
The reason why i choose this place is because:

  • it's literally everywhere
  • they sell cheap stuffs
  • they have everything (well, almost)
  • It's close from my house
  • I go here a lot


So, the first thing that you’re going to see is the cashier.
They put little stuffs like chocolate, gums, makeups, ciggarettes, and etc here. There are types of cashier. From my observation, there are .... types of cashier:
        1. The nice one
        2. The lazy one
    3. The trainee/ HOW-TO-USE-THIS-MACHINE cashier
      4. The stealer (this one is the most annoying!!!)
Some of them are nice, some are annoying. Well, they’re humans anyway.

So there are few aisles in this minimart. I’m going to show you some of them.

This is the toiletries aisle. There are lots of things here. Facial wash, razor, shampoo, conditioner, facial mask, hair coloring, and more. Whenever i run out of my toiletries, i go here and buy them.

This is the food aisle a.k.a MY FAVORITE AISLE. It’s not that i like to buy food, but i just like to see stuffs here.

(i’m running out of money L)
Anyways, they have insntant noodle, chocolate, sweets in big package, instant coffee, tea, and many more!!!

They also sell bread, jams, sprinkles, nutella, chocoalte sauce, and even orange jam+cheese! I usually call this section a “breakfast-corner”. Since i usually eat breads for breakfast (not like it’s important for you to know, but, anyways...)

So, yeah. That’s all for today. See y’all in my next post!!

xoxo, er


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