Thursday, March 3, 2016


so, i'm going to talk about education. well, not really. education is realted to school, so
i'm going to talk about school.

i think our school and education system is stupid. why?

[this is my opinion. i do some  tiny beety research to point out my opinion. if you disagree, well, i don't really care?????????]
[nah i love you muah]


Prof Foster said that forcing teenagers to turn up to school in the morning could result in more errors, poor memory, reduced motivation and depression.
Prof Foster, Oxford University's Head of Circadian Neuroscience - the study of how the daily routine affects the brain - said the time at which children become fully awake gets progressively later as they get older. The pattern continues until the age of 20, when it begins to reverse, making adults more alert in the mornings.
His comments back up research published last year which recommended that schools and universities should not start until 11am because teenagers were in a "permanent state of jet-lag".
(taken from

"It is cruel to impose a cultural pattern on teenagers that makes them underachieve," .
this is not a quote from some lazy teenagers who hate school, or some parents who are over-worrid about their kids condition. No, this is a saying from Professor Foster, an Oxford University's Head of Circadian Neuroscience.

And i bet, Professor Foster are way smarter than any teachers that exist in Indonesia :)

And, no, i'm totally not hoping that i'll get to go to school at 11 am because i bet that's so not happening in our country, probably never :). I'd be so freakishly happy when we get to go to school at 8 am.

So, the first reason is, 6.30 is way too early to study. Kids, especially teenagers should be sleeping ("--because teenagers were in a "permanent" state of jetlag."-Professor Foster)


too many subjects and too many expectations

i mean, i know people around me are so focused to get good grades so they cang et into their dream universities easily. i do want to be that focus. hell, i wanttttttt to do it so bad. the problem is,

what am i supposed to focus on?

you see, i can't grasp concept that fast. and stuffs that i learn here are all about concepts. concepts 1 has a connection with concept 2, and concept 2 has a connection 3 and concept 99 and so on to concept 9834904809123490328109801948. And there's so many concept, and so many subjects, and fiajdfajsfdsadfad.

adults want us to decide which major we want within 3 years as we learn 14 different subjects every year, and we are expected to ace every single subjects. 
like, whoa. how are we supposed to decide one subject that we will work with for the rest of our, when you guys don't even give us a time to catch our own breath?

i'd rather be a person who's the best at one subject, rather than someone who can do anything but not extraordinary.


teenagers nowadays, so lazy!

as a students, i hate homework with all of my heart. But i have to admit it, homework has helped many times. so, i'm okay with homework.

But too much homework? nuh-uh/

Homework can cause depression? Yes, if a pupil is inundated with too much homework their life balance is thrown out of all proportion. All children and adults too, should adopt an 8-8-8 circadian rhythm to life where eight hours work, eight hours play and eight hours rest (sleep) plays an important factor to how we all roll.
(taken from

i have many more reasons, but it's almost midnight, and i'm tired.

what should we do to correct our wrecked education system. Uhm, how about we copy some, no, adopt Finland's education system, huh?

(taken from

It'll be a long journey until Indone's high school graduate even rich 93%. But, with hope and  hard work, nothing is impossible.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

DANCING HOUSE : From Prague, with Love

Dancing House
 (Tančící dům)
Rašínovo nábřeží 80
120 00  Praha 2 (Prague)
Czech Republic

Frank Gehry 1996
The site of Gehry's Dancing House was originally occupied by a house inthe Neo-renaissance style from the end of the 19th century. That house was destroyed during bombing in 1945, its remains finally removed in 1960. The neighboring house (with small globe on the roof) was co-owned by Czech ex-president Vaclav Havel, who lived there from his childhood untilthe mid-1990s. He ordered the first architectural study from Vlado Milunic (who has been involved in re-building Havel's appartment in the neighboring house). Afterwards the Dutch bank ING agreed to build a house there, and asked Milunic to invite world-renowned architect. Milunic first asked Jean Nouvel, who rejected the invitation because of the small size of the site(491 square meters); he then asked Frank Gehry, who and he accepted the challenge. Gehry had an almost unlimited budget, because ING wanted to create an icon in Prague. The construction started in 1994 and the housewas finished in 1996.

The building is an example of deconstructivist architecture, with an unusual shape. It reflects a woman and man (Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair) dancing together. Construction is from 99 concrete panels each of different shape and dimension, each therefore requiring a unique wooden form.


Its unusual shape and technical solutions caused a big public debate. Afterten years emotions are over, and the house has its place in modern Prague. In 2005 the Czech National Bank issued a gold coin with the motifof the Dancing House, as the final coin of the series "10 Centuries of Architecture."
Pavel Sobol 2005
Additional photography Simon Glynn 2005

How to visit
The house is located on the corner of the embankment Rasinovo nabrezi and the street Resslova, within walking distance from the underground station Karlovo namesti.
The house is used as an office building and it is not open to public. However, you can visit the restaurant La Perle de Prague, located on 7thfloor, with nice view of the river and Prague Castle panorama. Visit the restaurant's web site at or call +420 221 984 160.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

(EXTRA)ORDINARY HOLIDAY ???!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!?!?!?

[y'all: ???????what's that?????]

well hello there everyone!!! i've posted about my extra(ordinary) holiday before but i decided to edit it because there's a really huge error on the post. i'm really sorry that if you guys have to read that, especially to bu wiwin.

anyways, here goes my story.

i am incredibly lucky that i didn't any SP(short terms). I got RMP though on science math--but almost the half of 3'2018 got RMP so that's not a big problem, + i passed with the grades of 3(????magical). my gpa was fine, and my life was fine. i took an early start for the holiday since i didnt have to attend any short terms (28-30th of december for science math, idk about the other). So on 22 or 23rd of december, i went back to Tangerang.

if any of you have read my early posts, you'd known that i moved from Tangerang. So practically, i'm having this pulang kampung moments. But sadly, there's literally nothing to do.
 By literally, i mean, literally.
I'm totally ecstatic seeing my father everyday since he's like  a ball of fluffy sunshine(??) but he still worked on the holidays (somehow). I'm pissed off since my brother is acting like a $%^$^$%^$^ that he was. And my mom stayed on the TV room 24/7 (well, not 24/7 tho. but i like to exaggerate a lot so 24/7 it is )

i spent my mornings walking on this park because my dad decided to have this program--10000 steps a day. But, we usually gave up after 30ish minutes, and our steps didn't reach 10k. But it's awesome :))))
this is the soon-to-be labyrinth part of the park

After (not)celebrating the very (un)exciting new year, i decided to go back to Bandung early. My mother didnt agree at first, but after a lottttttttttt of arguments, she let me. So, around the 3rd of January 2016, my father and i went back to Bandung.

The reason that i went back to Bandung early is becauseeee the theatre's having an event i really want to join. So i came up, auditioned, and i got accepted (if that's the right word tho)!!!! I mean, it's not the role that i wanted, but it's an absurd role and i'm an absurd human-being so why not????

i played as penjual tahu buleut.
Don't ask. It's absurd:)

So, along with my other 10 friends, we practiced for around a week or less at school. I mean, school seems a lot interesting when you're not going there to study (AREN'T I RIGHTTTTT????)
so, i kind of spent the half of my holiday playing inside the school, laughing over our stupid acts, and over everything. 

here's a picture of a part of T'ST 18 after the play!!!
mind the bald men and ronald mcdonald :)
so, that's all for today's post. i hope you are pretty entertained with this post. see you soon!!!

 [AFTER A LONG JOURNEY AND FIGHTS, AT LAST I AM A PENTILLERS, the first picutre is called IUS, t'st 's logo!!!]

Sunday, October 25, 2015


(you are bound to go here anyway :P)

Hi, guys! I’m back with another task...
(Yes, the only reason why i’m running this blog is because i was forced to do so).
Anyways, it is obvious that i’m going to tell you about a place to visit in Indonesia.
This place is literally everywhere. And, you are bound to go here anyway.

The place i’m talking about is *paha rolls (credits to the theatre club)






So, this is one of the minimarkets that you’re going to find in Indonesia.
The reason why i choose this place is because:

  • it's literally everywhere
  • they sell cheap stuffs
  • they have everything (well, almost)
  • It's close from my house
  • I go here a lot


So, the first thing that you’re going to see is the cashier.
They put little stuffs like chocolate, gums, makeups, ciggarettes, and etc here. There are types of cashier. From my observation, there are .... types of cashier:
        1. The nice one
        2. The lazy one
    3. The trainee/ HOW-TO-USE-THIS-MACHINE cashier
      4. The stealer (this one is the most annoying!!!)
Some of them are nice, some are annoying. Well, they’re humans anyway.

So there are few aisles in this minimart. I’m going to show you some of them.

This is the toiletries aisle. There are lots of things here. Facial wash, razor, shampoo, conditioner, facial mask, hair coloring, and more. Whenever i run out of my toiletries, i go here and buy them.

This is the food aisle a.k.a MY FAVORITE AISLE. It’s not that i like to buy food, but i just like to see stuffs here.

(i’m running out of money L)
Anyways, they have insntant noodle, chocolate, sweets in big package, instant coffee, tea, and many more!!!

They also sell bread, jams, sprinkles, nutella, chocoalte sauce, and even orange jam+cheese! I usually call this section a “breakfast-corner”. Since i usually eat breads for breakfast (not like it’s important for you to know, but, anyways...)

So, yeah. That’s all for today. See y’all in my next post!!

xoxo, er

Monday, September 28, 2015

GAMARVANI ; Gemilang Cinta Negeri

(Gamarvani stands for Gama and Parvani,  both are latinese words. Gama means "trip", Parvani means "to the moon". So, Gamarvani means a trip to the moon. The name was inspired by the traditional story: Nyi Anteh)

Gamarvani was very fun. I had a very good time with my friends.

19 September 2015. It was Gamarvani’s D-Day.I came to Bali Street at  7 am to attend the parade. But apparently, there were only seven of us (among 20-ish who were not Gamarvani’s committee :((((( ). We were very worried sincee the creativity and the participation of every class were graded. But Farras, the head class of X-7 said not to worry.

We walked around Bandung for an hour (well, not literally around Bandung). We shouted, yelled, and cheered loudly. We also wore traditional clothes: the girls wore kebaya  and the boys wore pangsi.

We came back to Lapangan Bali at 9 am. But I have to go out to do few other things heheheJ

This photo below is a selfie we took before the parade.

(p.s : I had panicked the day before Gamarvani since I haven’t bought kebaya. Thankfully, I bought one at Kosambi for around Rp75000 heuheuheuhuehue)

Anyways, I came back at 1 pm. Sharon (a friend of mine) and I got into the venue together. We met with few of our friends and chatted.We met Yasmeen and Rosa (twinnies <3), Galih, Fadhilah (also a student of X7, and also a part of Gamarvani's committee), Naufal,  and Nia.

There were lots of attractions at the venue. There were many foodtrucks, traditional games, and stands. I really like the food heuehuehuehehueheuheu. 
The first performance i watched was
Band 3, then RMHR. I enjoyed KPA 3 (which stands for Keluarga Panduan Angklung 3) a lot. There were also ParaHyena and Ruang Musik Director. KV3 (kelompok vocal 3) sang very well. But I enjoyed Sasadana’s music  a lot. The music was just so amazing, and the vocalist’s voice was so amazing.

I really enjoyed and loved the Tiloes' Theatre performance! It was so funny, and really creative. I mean, i have never seen a theatre before. But after seeing T'ST, i might want to join the club heuheuheu.

Let's get to the most exciting performance!
We waited so long for Adera's performance.
 (not to mention that a couple is being clingy and they're taking lots of space urgh)
But at last, he went out, and sang some of his songs, and covers. I personally like his cover of Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Sharon was basically having a baper moment, Graciella sang like there's no tomorrow. And I was busy being pissed off by a couple who're taking a lot of space. Ugh.
Here's a picture of us. Teehee.

(i wore my stormtrooper mask because i look ugly in selfies pft)
(there're Graciella, Stephan, Kevin, Fita, Sharon, and I, teehee)

Here are few pictures that i took.

!!!!! Sasadana's performance!!!!!

I didn't get to take a picture of Hivi's performance since my phone went dead:(( But let me tell you something. THE STAGE WAS SO AMAZING. The background (some kind of LED screen, AND THEY MOVED SDFIAJSKFA), and HiVi entered the stage and the crowd went crazy!

So, that's all about my experience at Gamarvani. Thanks for reading!